The rich were located in suburbs quite a distance from mine. Over the years the method of transport changed from walking, bike riding, skate boarding and then finally cars. When we got our machines it provided us for a new way to waste time and enable riskier trouble, just the way we liked it. We started out with an age old tradition, heading down to the local corner store or nearby supermarket and buying a dozen eggs. We’d drive. Drive around all night waiting for someone to be casually walking around the streets and the person who’s turn it was loaded and flung the egg out of window towards the victim… Over time our aim improved to almost near perfection. I’d like to add that this was not a once or twice event but something that we did most nights when not at work or the rare other commitment besides each other. Due to this frequency and the volume of missiles we had some close calls of course, one time we lined up a target, a huge man that was trapped in a glass phone booth unaware of the incoming projectile, talking to someone emotively using his hands. At the point of impact he turned around and chased after the car, laughing poring into the wind as it sped by then…silence… The road was a dead end. Turning around the man was in the center of the road, yelling and red with anger. The driver centred the steering wheel, aiming straight and floored the accelerator. The man covered with egg became the chicken, I’m not sure what it would have meant if he stood tall…

We needed more risk / excitement / damage / noise… something. We progressed from eggs to using baseball bats to knock of mirrors or smash windows. Then we moved on to bubbles. Bubbles were the light covers on the fences of the rich peoples houses. They unscrewed quite easily and were made of brittle plastic, these were thrown at oncoming busses, cars or other solid objects. The result was a loud explosion with glittering shrapnel appearing through the rear view mirror. Satisfying.

After our adrenalin accepted the new norm we moved on to finding empty or preferably full rubbish bins on wheels. The most memorable was a finding a big blue paper recycling model, full to the brim of books from the library it was parked out of the front of. The left rear passenger positioned it parralel to the car and signalled the driver to proceed. At around 80 km/h the passenger could not hold the weight any longer and the bin carried on towards its target, crumping a brand new white station wagon to half it’s size, the scale of the impact was beyond belief…

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